Proto II Wall Systems

Proto-II Wall Systems

Post Tensioned Masonry

The idea of using post tensioning to structurally support masonry fencing in lieu of rebar and grout was unheard of in the mid 1980’s. At that time, Proto-II™ Wall Systems had developed and patented a post tensioned masonry fence system called The Proto-II™ Wall.

In 1986 Proto-II™ Wall Systems began licensing masonry contractors throughout the Southwestern United States to install this patented wall system. Since then, the Proto-II™ Wall has set new standards for masonry fence and retaining wall construction and has become a preferred product throughout the Southwest.

Contact us if you are a builder and would like a list of licensed Proto-II™ installers in your area or if you are a masonry contractor and are interested in becoming a licensed Proto-II™ installer.

Proto-II wall system installed at Fulton Ranch in Arizona

AF Riverside wall created using Proto-II Wall Systems



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