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Proto-II™ Retaining Walls

In the mid 1990’s Proto-II™ Wall Systems expanded from masonry fencing and introduced the Proto-II™ Retaining Walls. The Proto-II™ Retaining Walls use the same post tension technology as the original Proto-II™ Fence Walls and yield the same advantages and more.

Because Proto-II™ Retaining Walls are post tensioned they require no grout, no grout inspections and no waiting time for grout to cure. Proto-II™ Retaining Walls can be backfilled immediately after tensioning, reducing up to a 30 day wait time. The absence of grout also significantly reduces the cost of labor and materials.

With increased strengths, reduced installation time and significant savings, Proto-II™ Retaining Walls have become an excellent alternative to conventional retaining walls.

Proto-II™ Retaining Walls provide many advantages:

    • Superior strength and durability
    • Significant cost savings
    • Retaining capability up to almost any height
    • Faster installation, no grouting
    • Immediate backfill, no waiting for grout to cure

Retaining Wall at Bella Casa by Proto II Wall Systems

Retaining Wall at Fulton Ranch by Proto II Wall Systems

Retaining Wall at MH Trovia by Proto II Wall Systems


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