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Proto-II™ Fence Walls


The Proto-II™ Fence Wall System is available in masonry fencing for 4”, 6” and 8” wide walls. The Proto-II™ Fence Wall is stronger and more durable than conventional or segmental masonry systems and a far superior product than vinyl or wood fencing. The post tension design is a blend of efficiency and strength resulting in a superior, cost saving product.

4”, 6” or 8” wide Proto-II™ Fence walls can be built in lieu of competing conventional masonry walls, vinyl fencing or wood fencing. With the Proto-II™ Fence Wall System, significant savings and superior structural integrity are realized without any compromise in appearance.

Proto-II™ Fence Wall System provides:

    • Superior strength and durability
    • Significant cost savings
    • Retaining capability from 16" to 2'8"
    • Standard plan approval in many municipalities
    • Increased longevity and reduced repairs
    • Competitive masonry alternative to conventional, vinyl or wood fencing

Proto-II Wall System in place at Paseo Trails

Proto-II Wall System installed at Cobblestone

Proto-II Wall System in place at Monza Cavallo


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