Proto II Wall Systems

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I find a licensed Proto-II™ installer?

Contact us if you are a builder or contractor and would like a list of licensed Proto-II™ installers in your area.

2. How can I become a licensed Proto-II™ installer?

Contact us if you are a masonry contractor and are interested in becoming a licensed Proto-II™ installer.

3. What is the difference between the Proto-II™ Walls and conventional masonry walls?

The Proto-II™ Fence and Retaining Walls use the same masonry block and have the same appearance as conventional masonry walls. The difference is on the inside: Conventional masonry walls use rebar and grout for support, while the Proto-II™ Walls use post tensioning. This advanced technology provides a stronger, more efficient design. The Proto-II™ Wall is available in 4”, 6” and 8” wide masonry fencing and also in 8” and 12” wide retaining walls.

4. Who provides the engineering for the Proto-II™ walls?

Proto-II™ Wall Systems provides all engineering. Included is the Proto-II™ Standard Product Data Sheet and wet sealed engineering calculations. Custom engineering as required by site conditions is also available.



Diagram of Proto II Wall Systems

Diagram of patented system for Proto II Wall Systems

Example of wall installation at Power Ranch in Gilbert Arizona by Proto II Wall Systems


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