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Extreme Conditions

The Proto-II™ masonry wall in the top two photos is an 8’ high wall consisting of 6” wide and 4” wide CMU block. When the basement was excavated for this new home, the excavator dug too close to the masonry wall and the dirt collapsed under the wall footings. This Proto-II™ Wall remained standing, suspended in midair, for over a week until a track hoe had to be used to remove it.

In the bottom photo, a severe desert wind storm completely eroded the earth underneath the footings of this Proto-II™ Wall. Not only did the Proto-II™ Wall and footings remain intact and undamaged, the wall was able to bear the weight of a man standing on top of it!

With any typical masonry fences, these undermined wall footings would unquestionably cause a collapse of the walls. Why does the Proto-II™ Wall stand where other walls would fail? Other masonry fences rely on reinforced concrete for support, which leaves the non-reinforced areas weaker and vulnerable. The Proto-II™ Wall uses post tension engineering resulting in a compressive force distributed throughout the wall. The post tensioned force holds the wall intact and prevents it from failing, even in extreme conditions.

The Proto-II™ Wall was not designed for these extraordinary conditions, and there is no assurance that the Proto-II™ Wall would perform as it has in these examples. The fact that these Proto-II™ Walls remained standing and undamaged under these conditions is just an incredible reminder of how exceptionally strong, durable and failure resistant the Proto-II™ Wall system actually is.

Extreme Basement Wall by Proto II Wall Systems

Extreme Basement Wall by Proto II Wall Systems

Extreme Erosion Wall by Proto II Wall Systems


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